Final destination

October 13, 2014

Four years ago we started working on Shipment. We set out to create a tool for designers to deliver and collaborate on their design projects. During the development we quickly discovered we where tackling a problem many designers had and noticed other companies building similar tools to improve the designers workflow.

This is when we realised the potential of Shipment and grew from a team of 4 people to 11 and spend all of our spare time on the development of Shipment. Our little side project was growing up and people started using Shipment on a daily basis.

In the last couple of years our focus shifted towards creating multiple products in collaboration with other start-ups and companies. This meant we didn't have enough recourses to grow and continue development on Shipment.

As of today, we're shutting down Shipment.

It's been fantastic and humbling to see so many talented people gather around Shipment. All the emails and tweets that we have received over the years, made this an unforgettable journey. Thank you for helping us build this product.

We've learned a ton from the development and launch of Shipment and feel sad about letting it go. But we're excited for the future, we've got some great things in the works and hope to share some of them with you really soon. You'll find us at Awkward.